Тем, кто работает над своим английским или преподаёт его, рекомендую пособие по фразовым глаголам, которое выпустило издательство URSS: 

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- рабочая тетрадь: http://urss.ru/cgi-bin/db.pl?lang=Ru&blang=ru.. 

Тексты составлены в таком формате, что их можно читать самостоятельно в качестве небольших историй. Однако для получения положительного результата всё равно необходима работа с преподавателем, так как фразовые глаголы – это, в первую очередь, разговорная речь. Пару текстов для хорошего настроения на выходных: 


An old Russian immigrant, feeling he didn’t have long for this world, decided to visit his homeland one last time and stay with a distant cousin living just outside Moscow. Together, they drank whiskey & vodka and joked about the good old days. 
The old American boasted to his cousin that he could call anywhere he liked from America, even Hell if he so pleased. His cousin replied that this could even be done in Russia, so gave him a telephone. The old American looked the number up in his diary and dialed it. Soon, the call was answered: 
Operator: ‘Hello….This is Hell….How can I help you?’ 
Old American: ‘Is that the operator? No? Cerberus? I can’t hear very well – there’s barking on the line. Can you speak up? What company is this? No matter – put me through to the chief, please. Tell him it’s Jimmy from the USA calling!’ 
Operator: ‘Please, hold on and I’ll put you through… (waiting) I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, but I’m afraid, Mr. Satan is very busy at the moment. However, we can see that you’re going to visit us soon, so would you like to make a reservation? We can put you up directly on your way to purgatory…’ 
Old American: ‘No thanks, not this time – not quite ready yet. Tell Mr. Satan I’ll call him back later on. Goodbye!’ 
The old man hung up the phone and turned to his cousin: ‘You know, last time this call didn’t work from my house in Iowa. The line was breaking up and I seemed to be hanging on for ages, so I cut the call off. This time the connection was great with no delays – fantastic!’ 
Next morning, a postman delivered the phone bill. The old American opened it and was once again surprised. 
Old American: ‘Is this right? The charges are ten times less than I had in the USA. This is way too cheap.’ 
His Cousin (grinning): ‘Yes, but in the USA it’s long-distance… from Russia it’s just a local call!’ 


An old, rich money-lender got sick and felt his days coming to an end. He called his three sons and said, ‘My dear sons, I’ve been working hard for many years. Now I’m sick and can’t even move my fingers let alone work. It’s time to ease off and hand it down to one of you. Well, lending money requires a lot of patience and tolerance and if you want to get ahead in a job like that, you have to take on responsibility for the probable loss and avoid providing unsecured loans. I’m sure that every one of you can succeed in our business but as you know, according to our traditions, all my property and wealth must pass by heredity to the laziest of you. So I want to ask you a question and see who is worth passing possession onto. Well, come up to me, Johnny!’ 
When the first son approached, his father asked him, ‘Imagine, you are sitting on the bench near the front door of our house. What would you do if you saw money falling out of the sky? 
‘Nothing,’ answered the first son, ‘why must I get off my ass for the sake of some money?’
‘Great,’ his father praised him. ‘You may go. Come here Paul!’ he turned to the second son. When the second son did, his father asked him, ‘Imagine, you are sitting on the bench near the front door of our house and see a gorgeous girl smiling at you. What would you do then?’ 
‘Nothing,’ answered the second son, ‘why do I have to get off my butt for the sake of some girl?’ 
‘Well done, Paul’ praised him his father too. ‘You may go. Come up to me, Peter, now!’ he called the third son. Peter slanted his eyes and said, sniffing, ‘Come here yourself!’